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10 janvier 2008 4 10 /01 /janvier /2008 22:44


Here's a joke that Parisian's tell...
From what location do you have the best view of Paris ?
From the top of the Montparnasse Tower, because at least from there you don't
see the Montparnasse Tower.

Did you hear the one about the artist in Montmartre who cuts portraits out of
black paper?
A director of security in a local bank came up to him and asked,
"Could you come work at our bank and do your paper portraits here? We'll give
you a little office near the front door and you can make portraits of all the
people who come into the bank.  Our security camera is not working."


And then, there was the painter by the Seine who was working on a painting of the
Cathedral of Notre Dame.  He kept getting interrupted by onlookers asking him
stupid questions about what he was painting. So they wouldn't bother him, he
wrote down these responses...
1) Yes. It's a water color.
2) Yes. I know the towers of Notre Dame are leaning.
3) No. I am not Monet.
4) No. I've never taken a painting lesson.
5) Yes. I earn my living selling my paintings.
6) No. I don't care how much you bargain.  I won't sell it for less than 500 euros !
7) If you don't like it, you can leave.

A cannibal asks the following questions to the tourist he has just caught and is
about to eat :
- Which country are you coming from ?
- France !
- Which town ?
- Paris !
- Which street ?
The French man asks the cannibal, "Why do you ask so many questions ?"
The cannibal responds,"Like all smart consumers, I want to know about my meal
before I eat it . It's background information !
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