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6 avril 2008 7 06 /04 /avril /2008 22:15
Et oui, c'est demain que la flamme olympique doit traverser Paris. Alors pour ou contre le boycott ?
C'est difficile à dire. D'un côté, il est évident qu'il faut défendre les droits de l'homme. Mais dans ce cas, pourquoi avoir fait les jeux à Moscou ? Et pourquoi consommer Chinois ?
Il me semble qu'il faut arrêter l'hypocrisie. Tout cela est une affaire d'argent et c'est tout ! Il a été décidé d'organiser les jeux en Chine pour que les grandes sociétés fassent un peu plus de commerce sur ce nouveau et immense marché qu'est la Chine. Dans un sens, je le comprends très bien. Alors il faut assumer aussi.
Je crois que nos athlètes ont choisi la meilleure solution, celle du badge, puisque de toutes façons la décision est prise !
En tous cas, demain midi je serai (si possible) près de l'Etoile, puisque je travaille à côté et je vous dirai si je vois quelque chose ! A suivre donc .....

Yes, tomorrow, the olympic torch will run through Paris. Then, are you for or against boycott ?
It's hard to decide. From one side, it's obvious we have to protect human rights. In that case, why did we do the Moscou Olympics Games ? And why do we consume Chinese product ?
I think we have to stop hypocrisy. According to me It's only a problem of money ! If it was decided to organize the Olympic Games in China, it's only for the big companies to do more business in that new and huge market. I understand this view, but we have to assume that.
I think the decision of our French athletes is good. They have decided to wear a pin !  Anyway, the decision is taken to organize the Olympic Games in China !
Anyway, tomorrow, I will go to see what happens, as I work just close to Etoile ! I'll tell you .....

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I find it interesting to see what opinions our cousins have abroud regarding the Olympics.<br /> <br /> On one hand, I can see why there is a need to boycott China. But on many other notes, I am ashamed of the way Americans are handling the situation. Of course, we are a stubborn society, and cannot see this as a great opportunity to have better international relations. All in the name of something that is universal, no matter what the race, politic, gender, religion, or country of origin: ATHLETICISM AND SPORTS!<br /> There are things the Chinese do that I don't necessarily agree with. Like eating cats and dogs and communism and the way they treat orphan girls....<br /> <br /> But I think in general they are a beautiful and ancient culture that has suffered under the name of thier government, and all innocent parties get blamed for the countries shortomings because of the national leadership.<br /> <br /> I wish all the athletes who decide to take the trip to China BON CHANCE. They go in the name of thier countries, and for the love of the sport they play.
<br /> Thank you for your comment. In France not everyone thinks as me. Many people are more active to defend human rights than me. But you are right also for at least one thing : many Chinese people<br /> can't do anything against their government and it's good for Chinese athletes to be able to have once the Olympic games at home...<br /> Difficult question anyway !<br /> <br /> <br />
même si le comportement de la Chine est condamnable, on doit respecter la flamme qui représente l'idéal olympique de Pierre de Coubertin...